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Real Madrid Vs Juventus UEFA Champions League 2017 Final Preview

Real Madrid Vs Juventus

Finally wait is over we have got two finalist team Real Madrid and Juventus after great performance at semi-final both team schedule for final in which real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid which help of Ronaldo hat trick on first match as semi-final match is set as two matches will be played for final and in second match Atletico Madrid Defeated Real Madrid with small lead because of this at final two match score Real Madrid head to final and in second semi-final played between Barcelona Vs Juventus this also two match series in this match with 1 -0 score Juventus wins first match and in second match score is tie just because of Juventus leading with 1 goal so they head to final and now we got UEFA Champions League 2017 Final match in which tournament matches played between 2016-2017 finally we will see final winner on 3 June 2017 Saturday

Real Madrid vs Juventus

Champions League Final

Sunday, 4 June, 12:15 AM

Millennium Stadium

Champions League 2017 Final

Champions League 2017 Final

UEFA Champions League 2017 Final

Final in Cardiff will be 19th time playing Juventus Against Real Madrid in all European Cup and they both have fantastic season and if we eye on Champions league history we could say Real Madrid is greatest team ever because they already won 11 titles which highest by any team in any series and so this year also they have capability to capture 12th title and second in row because last year also real madrid won champions league cup by defeating Atletico Madrid after hell of match which turns tie and in the end penalty shutout Real Madrid does very well and capture cup so this time they already defeat one of great team of champions league i.e. Atletico Madrid but as Barcelona are defeated by Juventus and  Barcelona Defeated Real Madrid so after seeing this report we could see huge battle between this two team with key player of Real Madrid like Christina Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, MARCELO, JAMES RODRÍGUEZ, BALE, BENZEMA, ISCO and Juventus Key Player are Paulo Dybala, Ganzalo Higuin, Dani Alves Moise Kean and if one of this player perform then we will get to see great show as Final match now it is hard to say who will be winner of Champions league Final because if we see previous record between real madrid and Juventus we could say its 50-50% chances of winning of both team so and as fans want to see new winner for this so most likely Juventus is consider as win but as we talking about Ronaldo fans and Real Madrid Fans most likely this team support more than any other team so as per Juventus team also deserve to win and defend title

Juventus Vs Real Madrid Record

Juventus 2-1 Real Madrid

Real Madrid 0-2 Juventus

Winner: Juventus

Real Madrid 2-1 Juventus

Juventus 2-2 Real Madrid

Winner: Real Madrid

Juventus 2-1 Real Madrid

Real Madrid 1-1 Juventus

Winner: Juventus

If we see previous 6 match in that 3 matches are won by Juventus, 2 won by Real Madrid and 1 is tie so in this battle Juventus winning by 1 match but as some of important and big player recently added in Real Madrid it hard to say who will be winner at final, and there will be some player shakeup expected to happen and some big player are out from Real Madrid team and some big name added in same team but for Juventus there is no big chances till Final.

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Real Madrid Vs Juventus 2017 UEFA CL Final Prediction Winner Telecast

Real Madrid Vs Juventus 2017

UEFA Champions league 2017 Comes to the end after thundering performance at Champions league 2017 Semi-final qualification match which is format of two matches in that team who score more goal will be winner and head to Final so if match is tie then there will be no penalty kick out because there will be different result for both match so now two best of Champions league team battle with each other which was huge game from top team and result is unexpected because first semi which held between Juventus Vs Barcelona in that first watch win by Juventus with huge difference of 3-0 this heart breaking moment for Neymar, Messi fans because they loose with huge difference and on second match is tie with 0-0 no team score single goal which means Juventus is headed to final and It happen because of great performance at first match and in second they only to defend and don’t let Barcelona to score goal as Barcelona has to score 3 goal to tie match and to win have to score 4 goal which become impossible after seeing good defending skill of Juventus and they performing good at Champions league from beginning of 2016-17 season same as last season or you can say better than last season because there focus is on to win Champions league 2017 trophy.

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Real Madrid vs Juventus

Title: Champions League Final

Time: Sunday, 4 June, 12:15 AM

Venue: Millennium Stadium

Real Madrid Vs Juventus 2017

Real Madrid Vs Juventus 2017 Live Streaming

Real Madrid Vs Juventus 2017 Final

Champions league 2016 last year four team is qualified in that Juventus not qualified not even in playoffs which really moment for fans as last year Manchester City, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich was qualified and two matches are set for semi-final which are Manchester City Vs Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich in that one city headed one on one which was Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid and they settle score in which match is tie so as this final matchup they goes for penalty shootout in that Real Madrid win which really great because with this win Real Madrid won 11th title most by any football team in champions league and this year also Real Madrid Favourite to win and there is big names in this team after watching records of Juventus and there fan support they are in huge form so they have ability to win champions league trophy. And Champions League 2016 Final winner is Real Madrid Defeating Atletico Madrid.

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UEFA Champions League 2017 Final Prediction

There are really awesome we have seen this year battle like Juventus Vs Barcelona, Atletico Madrid Vs Real Madrid, Real Madrid Vs Barcelona, Juventus, Atlético (ESP)  vs Leicester (ENG), Dortmund (GER)  vs   Monaco (FRA), Bayern (GER)  vs  Real Madrid (ESP), Juventus (ITA)  vs  Barcelona (ESP), Real Madrid (ESP)  vs Leicester (ENG), Real Madrid (ESP)  vs   Monaco (FRA) and they perform really great like top team and in finals of Champions League there are two huge match are set with Juventus Vs Barcelona in this we got really unexpected result because Juventus defeated Barcelona in first match and in second match they able to defend with score tie and in second semi-final match between Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid in this match Real Madrid won the match with 4-2 with help of legend Cristiano Ronaldo hat rick and as per his name big player perform in big game which and they get huge lead in first match and in second match because of performance of Saul Niguez, Antoine Griezmann they able to lead on Real Madrid with total 2-1 but because of huge lead in first match they not able to equal score at two match average score so at last Real Madrid team is headed to final and finally match is set for Real Madrid Vs Juventus as Champions League Trophy as previous year winner are Real Madrid who already has trophy so they has to defend champions league trophy this year and as we talking about prediction and who will win Champions Leangue this year so most favourite team is Real Madrid. And last time they battle on 06-May – Champions League Semi-final, Game 1 Juventus Vs Real Madrid In this match Juventus won the match with 2 – 1 and after that on 14-May – Champions League Semi-final, Game 2 Real Madrid Vs Juventus match tie with score 1 – 1 at final winner in this battle is Juventus but this year team added some new name and better goal keeper so there will be huge battle will and as last year key player of real madrid was not In form in that year so because in from of players Final winner will be Real Madrid.

Match No. Battle Team last time Score Result / Winner
1 Juventus Vs Real Madrid 1:1 (1:0) Real Madrid
2 Juventus Vs Real Madrid 2:1 (1:1) Juventus
3 Real Madrid Vs Juventus 2:2 (1:0) Juventus
4 Real Madrid Vs Juventus 2:1 (2:1) Real Madrid

As we see above report in battle both team won 2 – 2 which are equal number so in sense both team has 50% chances of winning.

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Real Madrid Last Matches

Match No. Battle Team last time Score Result / Winner
1 Real Madrid Vs Atlético Madrid 1:1 and 4-2 Real Madrid
2 Real Madrid Vs Granada 4: 0 Real Madrid
3 Real Madrid Vs Valencia 2 – 1 Real Madrid
4 Real Madrid Vs Deportivo 6 – 2 Real Madrid

Juventus Last Matches

Match No. Battle Team last time Score Result / Winner
1 Juventus Vs Barcelona 2 – 1 Juventus
2 Juventus Vs Torino 1 – 1 Tie
3 Juventus Vs Monaco 2 – 0 Juventus
4 Juventus Vs Atalanta 2 – 2 Tie

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